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Pacifichem 2020 Symposium

Pacifichem 2020 will organise a symposium of In-Situ and Operando Studies of Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Catalysis for Chemical and Energy Transformations (#162) under Chemistry of Energy Section.

Exploration of active structures and chemistry of materials under working conditions using different spectroscopic and microscopic techniques is crucial for correlating structures of materials with their functions toward the development of new materials. The in-situ and operando studies of materials have attracted significant efforts in recent years. For instance, in-situ and operando characterizations of catalysts have been one of the crucial approaches for understanding the function of materials and devices and the mechanisms of heterogeneous catalysts at a molecular level since these processes of function of these materials are performed at the interface of a solid material and its environment of reactants (gas or liquid phase).

In fact, in-situ/operando studies have been implemented to various studies of functional materials such homogeneous/heterogeneous catalysts, fuel cells, batteries and even photocatalysts under working conditions or near working conditions. Significant progress in development of technique and instrumentation of in situ/operando studies has been made in this field. Particularly, fundamental understanding of functional materials such as heterogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, and battery with the aid of in situ/operando studies have been achieved in the a few several years. Thus, here we propose to provide a platform for researchers and experts to share their findings, discuss their facing challenges, and exchange their ideas and promote potential collaborations.

This symposium focuses on (1) methods/techniques of in-situ/operando spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging of functional materials (environmental TEM, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray imaging, vibrational spectroscopy, scanning microscopy etc.), (2) catalysis studies which involve in situ/operando studies, (3) new structures and chemistry of functional materials revealed with in-situ/operando techniques, (4) fundamental studies of catalysis and surface process at solid-gas and solid-liquid interface, (5) pressure-dependent surface structure of model catalyst and nanomaterials, and (6) computational studies of catalysts under reaction conditions and during catalysis.

We are invite you to attend the symposium and please complete your abstract submission from the web site.

Symposium organizers:
Prof. Mizuki Tada (Japan)
Prof. Jun Huang (Australia)
Prof. Hiroshi Onishi (Japan)
Prof. Geoff Thornton (UK)
Prof. Michael Stockenhuber (Australia)
Prof. Dangsheng Su (China)